Gan Jurate

  Founded in 13 A.F., The Gan Jurate is a federation of states located in north central and central [Name of continent].  The Gan Jurate covers a wide array of regions and climates, stretching from the [North North Central Plataeu]in the west to the Ibator Mountains in the east. While there is no single ethnic group that dominates the Gan Jurate, the Alisyr ethnic group our the linguistic and cultural progenators of the Gan, and are present in significant number in nearly all states. Other ethnic groups that represent a majority ethnicity in at least states include the Masyr, Narodi, Perrosoti, Alek, Sali, Kani and Najes Seri.

  In the Gan Jurate, social interactions revolve primarly around strict social codes defined by what many outside the Gan view as a caste system. Amongst the Gan, the system is a complicated system of lineages and associated trade skills. While no lineage, or Gan, is defintively superior to any others, certain Gans tend to be much more heavily represented in the government buraucracy and in other positions of power. while there are thousands of Gans, many of them are spread throughout the Jurate and beyond, and may even be present within different ethnic groups. While the Gan system is ubiquitious in most states, the exceptions are the far north and the south east, where indigeonous tribal systems predominate amongst the Alek, Kani, and other ethnicities.

    While each state has a large amount of variance in how their region is governed, the principles of the Gan Jurate require a number of policies that reduce barriers to trade and facilitate a common culture. Each state uses a common set of tests as a requirement to all positions in government.

  The Gan Jurate was a late comer to the Grand War, remaining neutral until the Palosan territory was occupied by  Handlherskaft troops. While the Palosan territory was an underpopulated and culturally foreign region of the Gan, it was resource rich and an important supplier of raw materials to the Gan industrial system. Initial Gan advancements were by mounted Mulaf troops, which fared poorly against the motorized brigades and air ship support of the Handlherskaft army. Later victories by Gan military depended in large part on advancements in firearms and armored motor brigades.

Gan Jurate

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