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History of World

Before the Fall

    The years approaching the fall were marked by large territorial expansions by several empires. On the main continent of [Name of continent]. 

The Fall

    Most modern northern calendars use the year of The Fall as the start of the current calendar. During the course of two years there were tens of thousands of objects that fell to the surface of World. Many of these objects burnt completely before hitting the ground, and many nights the sky was bright with glowing points of light that obscured the stars. An unknown number of objects were not destroyed, and the people of World found a enormous number of strange and miraculous objects

The Grand War 


Nations and Peoples of World 


Gan Jurate

  Founded in 13 A.F., The Gan Jurate is a federation of states located in north central and central [Name of continent]. 


Artifacts of the Fall

  Mechanical Entities

      An unknown number of of Mechanical Entities, or ME's, were found in the years following The Fall. Each mechanical entity consists of a nearly round black sphere, .3 meters in diameter and weighing approximately 20kg. each contains eight input/output apparatus. Several ME's have communicated with humans since they were discovered to be concious entities in 87 A.F.  

  The Tower

    Perhaps the largest intake (mostly) object from the Fall, the tower stands nearly 100 meters over the Rig Hydalia Swamp, and continues an indeterminate depth below the surface. Over 60 years of experiments have yielded many thoughts and speculations on the nature of the fall, but have provided few direct benefits. Though attempts to open or significantly damage the tower have been unsuccessful, three large, hexagonal tubes have been triggered to produce heat.   


Kvrina Currency

(Currency rates are set by the Northern Pact Administrive Authority. Valid as of  Years End 12th, 114 A.F. )

Silver Gosch = 10 Nickel Goschen

Silver Myunz = 10 Silver Gosch

Gold Myunz = 50 Silver Gosch 

Note: Nearly all Kvrina coinage had been replaced by the Handlherskaft Mark in the years prior to the Grand War. One, ten and fifty Silver Gosch paper notes have been issued by the NPAA since 112 A.F. They're known colloquially as pact marks and are note accepted everywhere. 


Kvrina to Handlherskaft exchange rate

Handlherskaft Mark = 5.48 Silver Myunz


Kvrina to Gan Jurite currency exchange rate

Silver Tolbin = 50.25 Silver Gosch paper notes


Kvrina to Greater Ekan currency exchange rate

Silver coin = 22 Silver Gosch paper notes


Kvrina to Akhima currency exchange rate

Rupyakam = 22 Silver Gosch paper notes

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